Shopping Service

Aren’t you in vacation to enjoy family time with your mini nomad? visiting the city or savoring a delicious poutine with family or friends..

With the Baby Shopping Service of Mini Nomade; we took the extra mile to add convenience and helping you and your little adventurer settle in straightaway and…. ENJOY VACATION not wasting time catching up on forgotten or finished basic baby items like diapers,bibs,formula milk, baby shampoo, baby lotions, and all the must have stuff you will need.

Better yet…what a delight comfort to arrive to your hotel room or vacation rental and find all your baby basic feeding items ( at least for the first day) waiting for you…from fresh fruits to baby snacks passing by cereals or milk…we get you covered!

Save on your payments foreign processing fees ….and just order all your baby’s essentials at the same time as your gear rental and have them delivered to you anywhere in the city!!!


Check Mini Nomade Baby Shopping list  or send us your own list we will be happy to assist you.

You want to know more ? check  How It Works