( check also our section : how it works ? 

When should I book?

As soon as you know your trip dates and the needed duration of the equipment. This should not be later than 3 days before the rental start date to ensure equipment availability and standard delivery rates. If we can, we will always try to accommodate last minute requests within 48 hours !

*The minimum rental duration is 2 days

* Last Minutes rentals requests should be directed via our Contact form or to info@mininomade.com


How do I book?

You can book directly on our website, through“contact us” form, by emailing at info@mininomade.com , or by phone (+581 922 1555)

Please ensure you provide all needed details while reserving (Equipment needed, your dates, your address in Quebec City/Montreal, a local phone number, and any special instructions )

* Last Minutes rentals requests should be directed via our Contact form or to info@mininomade.com


I want to rent a baby gear ,but I don’t see it in your website !

Our inventory is very dynamic and get renewed so often to accommodate little travelers’ needs, if you don’t see an item you want in our website , please contact us and we will do our best to get it to you.


Where are you based ? 

Mini Nomade is an online business serving Quebec city and Montreal. The Head office is based Quebec City, and delivery /warehouse operations are ensured in Montreal


How much and when will I pay?

  • The equipment rental rates are indicated on our website in CAD and they include applicable taxes. A 3% transaction fee is applicable on total price
  •  Rates do not include delivery and pick up fees, upon receiving your Delivery\pickup addresses we will communicate your cost 
  • The rental rates are established according to the rental duration, and the equipment rented. the longer you rent the less you pay!!!
  • When your reservation is confirmed ( rental agreement signed) , we will contact you to collect payment at most 3 days before the rental start date.
  • If you wish to pay cash, we will still need to collect your card information to guarantee your rental and delivery – nothing will be held from your card !


I have an important instruction to communicate for my reservation?

Please feel free to add any note or special instructions at the comment section in the checkout page .You can always use our contact form or email ( info@mininomade.com)  to communicate your instructions.

For example, you can specify the name of the person who will receive the equipment if it’s not you,  your destination address , or note on a cash payment or any other details that are important to you.


What payment methods do you accept?

– Credit card( visa, MasterCard).

– Cash on Delivery- credit card information remains mandatory to secure your booking


How do I change or cancel my reservation?

Please contact us as the soonest possible via email ( info@mininomade.com) , contact form or phone and let us know your changes.  you can cancel your reservation any time before 48h at no charges. charges and cancellation fees apply if is made withing 48h. Please refer to our T&C or your rental agreement for more details.

It’s really important you inform us about any change to your reservation as early as possible so we can coordinate and manage availabilities for other parents and avoid any extra fees.


What is your cancellation Policy ?

You can cancel an order up to 48 hours before delivery without having to pay a fee. Mini Nomade will refund the amount in full to your credit card. However, if you cancel within 48 hours before delivery, you  might be charged up to 50% of your order cost ( only delivery will be included)

Cancellation on the eve of the rental date should be communicated immediately and are not reimbursed


What is the minimum amount of a reservation?

There’s no minimum amount for a reservation, but a minimum of 2 days rental duration is required.


Is your equipment safe and clean?

Yes Yes and Yes.

Safety is our first priority , all our equipment are up to date and meet provincial and federal safety standards . we buy only new equipment, we register our products for all safety communications and we renew our fleet regularly to ensure we are up to date with latest models and standards.

In addition , after each rental, we proceed to a functional inspection and deep cleaning process to the returned items ( equipment and toys ) . This first level check allows us to verify the proper functioning and cleanness of the returned equipment.  Then before any new rental, we make sure again that the equipment is perfectly functioning and completely clean and sanitized.

We use bio degradable, non-toxic, and ecological products which respect the sensitivity of young age children;  To know the name and brand of products that are used for the cleaning of our equipment please contact us and we will be happy to share this with you


Is a deposit required and how much, if so?

At Mini Nomade we believe and want to build a trustworthy relationship with our customers . We trust and expect you will take care of the equipment the same way you would do for your own. We do not require a security deposit; however,

  •    If an item is damaged,  the replacement cost of the item will be charged to the credit card on file.
  •   if the item is returned with excessive dirt that need professional cleaning- the cost of teh cleaning will be charged to your card
  • If an equipment is not returned at the end of teh rental period- the replacement price of the equipment will be charged


Why should I sign a rental agreement?

It is important to understand and agree on the terms and conditions of the rental agreement. If you have any questions regarding this agreement, please do not hesitate to contact a member of our team at info@mininomade.com,  montreal@mininomade.com, or 581 922 1555


Can I pick up my rental

Mini Nomade is an online business that ensures all your deliveries and pick ups; however, and in order to offer more flexibility and options, we can arrange for free self pick up and drop off at Mini Nomade preferred landmarks either in Quebec or Montreal. Please contact us to discuss this option.

Note: NOT all items are eligible to free self pick up and drop offs


How Safe is the car seat I rent from Mini Nomade

All of our car seats are purchased new and have the CMVSS (Canadian Motor Vehicle Safety Standard) symbol on the label. This means that they are complaint with Transport Canada’s Child car seat safety regulations and they are registered for safety and recall updates.

After each rental, we perform our functional verification and  follow up with our customers . We encourage our customer to share with us if the car seat has been involved in any accident, minor or major by waiving all equipment damage charge in case so, and we remove damaged car seat from our inventory.



We update the FAQ section as we get more questions. Thank you