How to Enjoy Winter When Visiting Quebec City With Your Kids

It’s no doubt that Quebec City is one of the most beautiful places to visit with family in any season. Even in the middle of the freezing degrees of its winter, the city offers rich and vibrant family and kids programming that will make its visitors amazingly love Quebec’s winter and celebrate it.

We spotted for you some events and places not to be missed while visiting the city with a little traveler

1- Aquarium de Quebec

FestilumiereA great way to spend an exceptional day and night; the aquarium with its huge marine animals diversity (fish, reptiles, amphibians, invertebrates, polar bears, walruses, and seals)  will provide your mini nomad unforgettable unique and rich moments .

At night, and during the winter (from December 26 to March 11th-2017 ), enjoy the brightest event of the year with hundreds of structures lit up with wonderful colored lights; ice slides, inflatable games, music, and outdoor fireplaces;  really everything you need for a fun-filled evening for the whole family.


2-Winter Carnival

BH Carnival17 days of fairy tale and magical atmosphere that brings cosines and warmth to the harsh winter from January 27th to February 12th ( dates for 2017).  Your Mini traveler would definitely love :

  • Riding in sleds and toboggans pulled by parents; or sliding in the different play zones around Abraham planes.
  • Meet Bonhomme de Carnaval, a giant funny snow man that kids just love to greet and take pictures with. If you hadn’t had the chance to meet him around during the carnival, you can still meet him in person and share a delicious meal; with kids enjoying  play areas with children  animators  and nice music.
  • Visit Bonhomme’s Home; a marvelous immense Ice castle beautifully glowing at night with color lights and lot of fun activities inside !
  • Watch and admire the artwork of sculpture from around the world transforming ice blocs to a magical ice chef d’œuvre
  • If your mini adventurer don’t mind staying awake at night, then don’t miss the night parades…music, drums , dancing, drinks and a real “joie de fête”


3- Hôtel de Glace 

hotel de glace magical room This is like a fairy tale dreaming palace- with its 44 rooms and theme suites, Hôtel de Glace offers lots of ways to experience a life time magic of a night spent inside  a beautifully designed ice hotel and an forgettable vacation  for families with kids.

This year , Valcartier Vacation Village welcomes Hôtel de Glace, from January 4 to March 26, 2017. The site offers many attractions fully dedicated to kids and families, just to name few: Snow slides, Skating paths, Children’s playground, Inner tubes and mechanical lifts, and many other fun activities to do.

4- Mega Park at the Galeries de la Capitale

How can your little adventurer resist 16 rides and attractions of the Mega Park ? a huge indoor play zone with so much fun for kids and parents . The Mega Park hosts  also a big skate area, an  18-hole “jokes and traps” mini-putt course full of surprises, including sirens, fake balls and water jets.


How can Mini Nomade make your experience unforgettable ?

It’s no need to stress out  the importance of keeping  your kids safe and comfortable so that you can enjoy your time while exploring the city sites !  This is why – and based on our own experiences and on parents’ requests – we  put together the  MUST HAVE items  to pack/carry to guarantee your baby’s well being


Warm Kids Winter Outfits

Rent full Winter suits from Mini NomadeThe first thing we advise you is get your little dressed properly depending on the weather forecasts and the activities you are planning to do with your mini voyageur. Kids needs to stay warm and dry  for their well being and health. Have them wear warm winter outfits, covers their little hands, the head and neck are first body parts that loose heat, they need to be covered with a warm hat and scarf or tube scarf tube; and of course season’s waterproof boots with good sole for grip and stability on slippery or uneven surfaces. At Mini Nomade we offer warm winter outfits for rent with very affordable prices from sizes 12 months to 5 years.

If you are not familiar with the province and city weather, don’t stress out yourself to figure out what to bring, please contact us and we will be happy to advise you on the most suitable kids winter outfits for you


Crib or Toddler Bed

Rent selected full size crib by Mini NomadeWhether you opt for a hotel, AirBnB residence or just visiting family, don’t compromise the comfort and the ‘feel like’ home for your baby. We have a variety of sleep over options for rent : you can choose to rent  a wooden crib , a pack n’ play,  a toddler bed ,cots, inflatable bed, or mattresses, with or without linen … really anything and everything to make the sleep of your baby absolutely safe and comfortable!

Some accessories we offer for rent includes; light projectors, musical mobiles, crib bumpers, black out curtains…and even a surprise toys box to add some indoor fun.


A robust stroller

Multi-Sport Double Child CarrierWhile around from a place to place in the city, a robust stroller is a must for your baby or toddler. With all the running and energy they spent, they will need to get rest and give you rest! We offer for rent various styles of strollers that will surely meet your baby/toddler needs -All fields Stroller, double sport carrier, 3 wheels stroller, etc …are few examples of stroller rental options we offer.

Essential accessories are also available for rental like baby snug covers, baby carriers, and backpack carrier.


Sleds and winter toys

Rent the covered baby sled from Mini NomadeSo you enjoy the winter with your little adventurer, we thought about adding a verity of sleighs and sleds adapted to younger kids from ages as small as 6 months to 5 years. Mini Nomade offers many types of sleds from the inflatable , wooden or solid plastic ones with their covers for total comfort and real fun.



* You don’t find what you need ? Please contact us … we love kids and we will do our best to bring anything you need!