Rent the Right Car Seat and Properly Install it …What You Need to Know

Whether you are renting or using your own car seat you need to make sure it’s complaint and properly installed. It’s scary to learn that it’s estimated as high as 80% of car seats are improperly installed making it really unsafe and sometimes dangerous for our little kids on the road. This article will guide you on the most important things to consider while renting a car seat in canada.

Rent the right car seat for your kid

Every single detail about the compatibility and compliancy of the car seat you rent is crucial. No matter if you opt for a car rental agency or a baby gear renal company; you should check these two factors to help protect your child from serious injuries. They are applicable whether you are looking to rent a rear facing car seat, a forward facing car seat, or a booster seat.

1- Before you rent any child seat , check its compliancy with your local state or province SafetyMarkregulations. In Canada , your car seat should comply with  Transport Canada safety standards. It should have the National Safety Mark label attached to the seat, indicating that the seat complies with Canadian regulations and standards, and is therefore legal for use in Canada.

IMPORTANT : USA Car seats are not legal in Canada (source : Transport Canada safety standards)

2- Make sure  the car seat you want to rent is apprpriate to your kid’s weight, height, and overall physical development. In case you are unsure, ask for a convertible car seat that is most often suitable for extended range ( stages 1 , 2, and 3 )

3- Ensure that the car seat you rent is used and installed correctly in the vehicle according to car seat manufacturer’s instructions and the vehicle’s user guide.


Properly install a car seat in your vehicle

Most car rentals and baby gear rental companies do not ensure the installation of the car seats because of their associated liability; however, with every car seat or booster seat rental, the rental company MUST provide you with the instruction manual.

To help you with these safety tips, we selected few videos from la SAAQ  website that will help you identifying the right child seat, how to install it and how to restrain a child.

Rear Facing Car Seat 


Forward Facing Car seat 


Booster Seats and Seat Belts 


Install A Rented Car Seat by Professionals 

In case you feel uncomfortable installing a rented ( or your own ) car seat by yourself, check the list of qualified trained staff who can assist you installing it or verifying if it’s properly installed; here is a direct link to Child car seat verification network in Quebec .

  • Appointments can be made year-round throughout Québec, you need to indicate if you want to verify the installation of the car seat or you need assistance installing it. 
  • Inspection and installation are free of charge (some garages may charge a nominal fee) and are performed by qualified individuals who have received special training.





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