Who we are?

Mini Nomade is the first Baby Gear Rental and Shopping Service Company in Quebec City. It was launched by travel-avid parents in June 2014 to serve other traveling parents who visit the city with their little kids. We provide for rent all the necessary baby gear that is hard to pack ( strollers, playpens, cribs, Car seats, Highchairs, toys, and etc).


Our Mission 

At Mini Nomade, we want to make it easy for traveling families with kids to pack light

travel light with baby

Travel light with baby

and enjoy vacation by providing all the necessary baby gear during their stay at their destination in Quebec City.


Our Engagement 

Mini Nomade team is engaged toward our customers to:

  • Provide exceptional customer service (Consulting, customized offers & Flexibility )
  • Provide high quality, safe, clean and compliant baby gear to our customers
  • Deliver and pick up equipment at our customer convenience and follow up with them

Dozens of families reached out to us to serve them, and they were extremely satisfied and happy with our services. Our guest book reflects real feedback from our customers

Below is a snapshot of main requested items during 2016

Equi Rental


Our Customers 

Our customer portfolio increased remarkably since we launched ( by 7 times). which means that our customers were satisfied and we offer a real value service. We had a chance to serve families from all around the world. Families who trusted us are :

  • Traveling parents with babies or toddlers
  • Local families receiving babies/toddlers for few days.
  • Parents who want to try equipment before buying it.
  • Expats with temporary stay and having family with little kids visiting.
  • Professionals attending seminars with their families.
  • New comers to Quebec/Canada who are exploring their new host home and want baby items temporarily before settling down.


point of services

Why Choosing Mini Nomade ? 

Mini Nomade is beyond just a business, we strive to create added value services to parents and wealth in our community! Mini Nomade was launched by millennial parents who have little kids and who are passionate about traveling!  which means, parents who understand the challenges and the constraints of traveling with little children and who put kids safety and comfort at the top of their priorities!

  • Our main reason to be is to HELP YOU and SERVE YOUR little traveler.
  • We provide exceptional customer service ( we listen, advise, assist, and are flexible )
  • Our equipment is selected based on parent preferences, market trends, customer reviews, and checked regularly for safety notices
  • We help qualified families and mothers creating their own jobs thru our Trusted Partner Program

The pleasure of serving mini nomades :)